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Varelsen - Children's toy buildable

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Long before Form - a nomad design studio - was born this creature saw the light. By request we are now selling Varelsen here in our nomadshop.

From 3 years old.
27 pieces
Rubber wood

Produced by: Fairwood (www.fairwood.se)

Handmade in Sri Lanka.

Inspired by my niece Vilma´s incredible imagination as a 3 year old girl. I wanted to create a toy with no rights or wrongs to encourage her and other children’s lively imagination. Undoubtedly & unconsciously also inspired by my own childhood toys bright colour combinations.

Translated to English Varelsen means “the Creature”. If you decide to purchase Varelsen, please pass it on, I wish Varelsen a long and lasting relationship with many generations! Varelsen will certainly be more beautiful with time :)

Varelsen is hand made so small variations will occur.

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Producer – Fairwood Since 2001, Fairwood imports and distributes children furnitures and toys. Their objective is to offer unique products of high quality that either have a practical use and/or a pedagogical content. All wooden items are made out of rubber wood, painting is done using non toxic paints and the production is done according to high standards concerning safety (CE marking) and ethics.  Find out more about them on www.fairwood.se

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Form - a nomad design studio

The production is the heart of the design work. Handmade interior & fashion products in bamboo & rattan for a conscious lifestyle. For consumers who value ethical consumption & a transparent value chain.

My mission is to create products using the technique, visual language and craftsmanship in the area I am working in to develop products for a contemporary clientèle. I strive for high quality and the mix of my Scandinavian design heritage with cultural influences in other parts of the world produces a unique product. For me, the quality and integrity of the craftsmen who create my products are of highest importance. For this reason, I have a nomad design studio. I ensure my knowledge of an area by being there, on the spot, in person.

The founder of Form - a nomad design studio is me Elin Josefine Olsson, I set up the studio the summer 2014 in Vietnam. I am a Swedish designer who studied at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. I have been living in Vietnam since October 2012.

During my last year in university I wrote a Manifesto which goes something like this:
My aim is to work with art and design in developing countries together with local craftsman, making objects for a contemporary audience, by finding inspiration in other cultures and their history.

This is still my core reason to be here and the reason I started Form – a nomad design studio. I want to bring you a piece of the soul of the place where we are operating, produced by people I know in a way I know. I want you as a customer to be sure that your product comes from "good hands".