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Peaceful Eye ring - handmade in silver

695 SEK

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Ring handmade in silver in Hoi An, Vietnam.

The jewellery collection Eye also includes – pendant / charm mini and big, earrings and bracelet - jewellery to be worn together.

Josefine designed the collection to honour her family back in Sweden during her years in Vietnam. To the family who is always looking after each other no matter the distance.

A jewelry design inspired by a mix between the Scandinavian design heritage / language and the Vietnamese sign Mat cua or Watchful eyes. Mat cua are intended to protect the building and its inhabitants from evil influences. You see them everywhere over the entrances of houses, stores, cafés and restaurants etc in Hoi An…makes you wonder…do they work (9-5)…? And WHO do they belong to, those beautiful eyes....!

What does the Eye mean to you? In all times the eye been a symbol for something... is it a home to your “sixth sense? Ability to see what might be ...? See clearly? To be present and focused? To follow your intuition? Maybe for you it has a different meaning.....

Material: 925 sterling silver

Size of the Eye: 22 mm x 9 mm

Size of the ring: available in all sizes, 13. 13,5. 14. 14,5 up to 22.

Photo Örjan Jakobsson http://www.orjanjakobsson.com/

Handcrafted & designed with LOVE.

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We do slow design in close collaboration with our craftswo/men,

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We believe in a craft revolution & that cross inspiration

between different cultures creates great design.

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